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Why Wix Is the Best Website Builder for Small Business Owners

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Wix is the best choice:

It is extremely important for all small business owners to have a functional* website in order to maintain and increase customer's overtime. Websites are a way for your clients to learn about your business without tying up your time. And, if executed properly your small business website can attract new customers depending on your goals. Especially, if your site is built to be functional.

#1 Starting an account with Wix is absolutely free. You can literally design your website yourself at zero cost. This is a big perk for new and small business owners, so that you aren't tying up marketing funds while you are setting up your website.

#2 Wix requires no deign skills whatsoever to get started and is extremely intuitive. Aside from having a plethora of previously designed templates you are also able to start a website from scratch. I have personally been able to replicate almost any site I've attempted to rebuild using the Wix website building platform.

#3 Affordability plays a big factor in choosing a website designer. I've been a Wix customer over the past decade and will only build websites for my clients using Wix now. And I have only seen small increases in pricing over the past 10 years (or more). The kicker is that they don't hide anything from you or charge you more money for it.

#4 You have full control over your Search Engine Optimization which is one of the most important feature other website designers don't allow. I tell people all the time that the esthetics of your website are second to its optimization. Site builders like GoDaddy and WordPress just don't give as much control over optimizing your website yourself. Which will cost you more money in the long run- either buy buying upgrades and/or hiring a techie genius to figure out how to manipulate your site.

#5 When Wix doesn't have the answer they partner with a company that does through third-party apps that are usually free or cost very little to install. It seems over the past decade that they keep expanding their plugin store and it just keeps getting better all the time.

*Functionality is the most important factor of any small business' website. You may think that I'm talking about a great customer journey, but I'm not. A good customer journey is still behind getting found. And that is what I consider functionable. I always use this analogy when I'm teaching Search Engine Optimization. What good is a business card if you don't pass it out or no one ever sees it?

If a website is not optimized properly no one will ever find it. And the truth is, you are just throwing away money by having it in the first place. Wix makes it easy for any small business owner to optimize their website. And if you need help learning the ins and outs you can always take my SEO course here at My Business Marketing Coach.

Unlock Your Site's Potential and Take My SEO Course!

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